About us


Arabic language is the fourth commonly used language in the world and it is widely spoken. It is spoken in 66 different countries including the Arab nations, and its speakers constitute 6.6 % of the world’s population. Thus, since 1974, the UN made Arabic one of the officially recognized languages.

Sultan Qaboos Institute for Teaching Arabic Language to Non-native Speakers received tremendous support by the late Sultan, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and this support remains firmly endorsed by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq.



To be a leading Institute, regionally and internationally, in teaching Arabic as a Second Language (ASL).



To contribute to the making of graduates with high linguistic and cultural competency in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). We strive to enable students to effectively communicate and interact in any Arab society, and to further their Arabic studies in educational institutions where Arabic is the medium of instruction.