Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers: Frequently Asked Questions

Admission & Registration

  1. How to apply to study at Sultan Qaboos College?

In order to apply at the Sultan Qaboos College, the first step for any applicant is that he/she should contact A&R Department through these e-mail: s.q.college@gmail.com/ registration@sqca.edu.om. Then, our staff will ask you to visit the College's website (sqca.edu.om)  and sign up there. When finishing registration, please inform us by sending an email, so you will be able to do an on-line placement test. (NOTE: we will inform you of the date and time of the exam after emailing Admission & Registration Department).

  1. Are there any specific conditions for enrollment?

Any applicant considers studying at Sultan Qaboos College, he/she should be 18 years old when applying, must have at least a secondary/high school diploma, or any equivalent, and not suffering from any infectious diseases.

  1. Do I need to send any document before I apply?

No, you don't have to. However, when your application is finally approved, we will ask you to send the necessary documents in order to issue the Visa for you.

  1. What documents are you looking for?

Three main things,  your last educational qualification,  a personal photo and most importantly a copy of the passport. In case you are still joining school and have not obtained any degree yet, it's preferable to provide us with a letter from your school stating that you are currently studying with them.

  1. Doing the placement test, does it mean that I am already accepted to study at the College?

No, it does not necessarily mean that. Applications are being processed by the College's committee in order to select the eligible candidates to join the course.

  1. When do I consider myself finally accepted to study at the College?

When all applications are processed and the Academic Committee approves the finalists, we will send a confirmation email and ask you to forward us the documents mentioned in (Q4) in order to work on issuing the Visa for you.


Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When shall I book my flight?

Once you receive the Confirmation Email, try to book your flight and don't forget to send us your flight details so that we could schedule a pick-up when you arrive at Muscat International Airport.

  1. Who will issue the Visa for me?

As we mentioned earlier, the College is responsible for issuing the visa for students.

  1. Do I have to pay for the Visa?

No, you don't have to. Usually, the Visa is at the College's expense.

  1.  What type of Visa does the College grant admitted students?

The College issues "Official Visa" only for all applicants.

  1.  For how many months is the Visa valid?

The Visa is valid for the study duration only and it will be canceled after two days.

  1.  Could I attend the course with a "Tourist Visa"?

In fact, the College is a bit restrictive regarding such requests. SQC shall not admit any applicant with a "Tourist Visa".

For any further concerns regarding the Visa Types or any related questions, please click on the this link (https://www.rop.gov.om/english/dg_pr_visas_officialvisit.asp).


Fees & Tuition

  1. How much does it cost per course?

The fees as is it mentioned in the publication is 259 O.R (almost equals 670 US Dollar)  for each student  including (shared-room, three meals a day, airport pick-ups & daily transportation).

  1. When Shall I pay my tuition?

Payment shall be on the first week when you arrive at the College.

  1. Shall I pay in cash, or credit card, or is there another payment mode?

Currently, payment should be in cash and it should be in Omani Rial. In case the College used another method for payment, we would notify you.

  1. Is there a "Hold" for an amount as a Warranty and is it refundable at the end of the course?

Actually, the College has not implemented such procedure yet.

Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Does the College provide a transportation from and to the airport?

Yes, it does. Once you book your flight, send us the flight details so, we could schedule a pick-up when you arrive at the Airport.

  1. Does the College provide transportation from the dormitory to the campus and vice versa?

Yes, it does.

  1. Does the College provide a transportation to go shopping or in case of emergency?

Yes, it does. There is going to be a weekly pre-arranged schedule.

  1. Do I have to pay separately for transportation or is it part of the accommodations?

No, you don't have to; it is part of it.


Once you arrive at the بيت الضيافة (Guest House), a student shall be handed a Residential Contract in which it includes the guidelines for staying there.

  1. Do you have Shared/Single Bedrooms?

We have shared rooms only; two students stay in one fully-furnished bedroom.

  1. Are residence fees part of the accommodations or do I have to pay separately?

No, you don't have to; they are included as part of the accommodations.

  1. When could I come and stay at the dormitory?

It is advisable that a student should arrive two days prior to course commencement.

  1. Can I stay at the dorm when the course finishes and do I have to pay for it?

A student is allowed to stay for two days when he/she finishes the course and it's for free. After that, they must leave the Guest House because the residence supervisor need to evacuate the dorm for the preparations for the next course.Note:- Don't forget that the visa will be cancelled after two days and you need to leave the country (Q11).

  1. Is it allowed to receive/invite a friend, family or kids to stay at the dormitory?

No, it's not allowed. However, if it were for a visit, we don't have a problem with that but a student needs to inform the Residential Supervisor about it.

  1. Can I bring my pet with me?

No, pets are not allowed in the Guest House.

Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to rent an apartment or a room near the College if I don't want to stay at your dormitory?

Yes, you could; however, it is not advisable that you stay outside our dorm due to many reasons. A student has to look it up him/herself, rents also might be expensive and most of the time rooms are not furnished. In addition, if a student is going to stay outside, the College will not be responsible for providing transportation (don't forgot that  a student is obliged to attend the extra-curricular activities SQC holds at night sometimes) & dining.

  1. Can I stay with an Omani family because I want to communicate and learn more about your culture.

Unfortunately, there has been many requests regarding this and we do apologize that we don't offer such thing. However, we might have it in the future, but currently we are discussing it with the administration. If are going to have it, for sure we will put it as a residence option.

  1. Can a couple stay in the dorm if both want to study there?

Yes, they can but they should provide a document that states they are married. We could provide a separate room for a couple but they cannot bring their child with them. It is one of the housing rules here.

Health Care

  1. Do I have to provide a medical report?

Once a student gets finally approved, we will email you a "Medical Report Form". Download it, go to a health institution and make the doctor fill it. After that, scan the report and resend it to A&R e-mails.

  1. Is there a medical facility inside the college or a hospital or health centre nearby?

Yes, there are plenty nearby the College and we will issue a "Health Card" so that you will be able to use the public health facilities here for free. It is on our expense.

  1. Can I have my own international health insurance from my country?

Yes, you could. However, you need to check with your health insurance company of their listed clients health care centers in Oman.

Other Questions

  1. How long is each course?

Each course is eight weeks long.

  1. Can I extend to the following course if I am already studying there?

In fact, we don't guarantee any student that she/he could continue for the next course. Priority is given first to those who have applied for that intended course unless there is a vacant; in this case, we do consider your application. However, you will be subject to (Q24).  On our side, we will work on extending the Visa for you.

Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the College have extra-curricular activities?

The College offers a cultural program during each course which includes many extra-curricular activities like exposing students to the Omani culture, students will have trips to many interesting places in Oman, Arabic Calligraphy Workshops, lectures, Sports Day, Cultural night held by the students themselves. The college will also provide language partners as part of the program so that they can assist Arabic learners whenever they face difficulties.

  1. Does the College utilize a specific book or curriculum?

Here at SQC, we do not use a specific book for teaching. Teachers design the curriculum for the whole course using many educational approaches and materials including "Alkitab" & "Ahlan Wasahlan", and in order to ensure the best learning outcomes, our curriculum is student-centered and varies to cover the four main areas in teaching any language (reading, writing, speaking & listening). The teaching hours are 4 hours a day, 5 days a week with a total of 160 credit hours.

  1. Does the College provide private tutoring sessions or one-on-one tutorials?

No, we don't offer private tutoring.

  1. Do you offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, SQC does not offer any scholarships. In this regard, you could check with your country embassy here in Muscat or the Omani embassy in your home. They might have grants from time to time.





For more questions or help, please feel free to contact us,

Emails:s.q.college@gmail.com/ registration@sqca.edu.om

                         Tel: +968 25212044 +968 25212012

                         Fax: +968 25212048