Independent Learning Centre

The aim of the Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is to assist students in developing independent learning skills.

Sultan Qaboos College ILCcan be found in 3 areas: ILC Resource Room, Conversation Room and Computer Lab. At the beginning of each intake, all students receive an orientation session to familiarize them with the resources and how best to use them.

In each of the 3 ILC areas, there is a teacher to help students with their work. Also, there are useful websites for self-study that a student can access to help him/her develop their independent study skills.

ILC Facilities

  • The ILC is equipped with:
  • A library of DVDs to improve listening and comprehension skills.
  • Resources for pronunciation and listening comprehension skills.
  • A Computer Lab for research.
  • Print-based resources which the students can take home and practice their Arabic.
  • Daily newspapers.