Nowadays, Arabic language obtains a particular importance in the field of Middle Eastern studies and programs offered by the various educational institutions around the world. This is explicitlyexemplified in response to the growing numbers of Arabic enthusiasts due to global openness to other cultures including Arabic. In addition, it is a step forward to meet the increasing demand to strengthen communication and exchange between Arabs and other peoples of the world, and tohighlight the importance of the linguistic knowledge.

In Oman, Arabic language is the official language of the country, the language of education, communication between the Sultanate and all Arab countries, and, above all, the language of The Holy Quran. Thus, it is not surprising that the Arabic language assumes a particular attention which aligns with the Sultanates cultural and civilizational orientation at both local and international levels. This great attention was firstly endorsed by the late Sultan His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and then embraced by His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq. Both have addressed its importance andeverything that enhances its presence and dissemination worldwide. This is blatantly reflected in the Arabic Language Chairs which were founded in some prestigious universities throughout the world as well as inaugurating Sultan Qaboos Institute for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers.

The academic program at SQCA consists of 6 levels and each level includes 160 teaching hours divided into 8 weeks and 20 hours per week. Classes start at 8.00 AM till 1.00 PM and the students enjoy many extracurricular activities during that time which help them use Arabic.