Modern Standard Arabic Levels

Program of Study:

The Institute has adapted The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in classifying the language levels. Thus, it offers six levels in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), namely,

1- Lower Beginners (A1)

2- Upper Beginners (A2)

3- Lower Intermediate (B1)

4- Upper Intermediate (B2)

5- Lower Advanced (C1)

6- Upper Advanced (C2)

In order to determine the non- Arabic speaker applicant’s level in Arabic precisely, he/she should undergo two assessment phases before his/her application is finally accepted. The first one is the online Arabic test, and is follows the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) with one of our professional faculty members.

Each course consists of (140 - 160) teaching hours offered through a seven to eight-weeks program. The course contains a certain number of lessons in modern standard Arabic (MSA) as well as Omani dialect, and complementary cultural workshops.

The academic program at SQCA consists of 6 levels and each level includes 160 teaching hours divided into 8 weeks and 20 hours per week. Classes start at 8.00 AM till 1.00 PM and the students enjoy many extracurricular activities during that time which help them use Arabic.

Our teaching methods include many conductive approaches such as discussions and dialogues inside the classrooms with using modern technologies. The theoretical tasks are always followed by individual and group practical tasks by which students can implement their language skills. In addition, some audio and video clips are used in the classroom to enhance the listening and speaking skills and to create an interesting studying atmosphere. Students are asked to write on different topics related to what they study to improve their writing skills, and sometimes they have dictation tests. Through all these activities students improve their reading skills.