Modern Standard Arabic Levels

The academic program at SQCA consists of 6 levels and each level includes 160 teaching hours divided into 8 weeks and 20 hours per week. Classes start at 8.00 AM till 1.00 PM and the students enjoy many extracurricular activities during that time which help them use Arabic.

Ahlan wa sahlan” and “Al-Kitaab” are the main books used in the College and they are international curriculums in teaching Arabic to non-natives. In addition, different tasks and activities are added within the aims and objectives of each course. Students get to know the Arabic and Omani culture through different texts. Our teaching resources and methods help students to improve their language skills and enrich their knowledge on Arabic vocabulary and grammar with more emphasis on speaking which is a crucial skill by which students communicate with others inside and outside the campus. This skill is an essential stage in studying Arabic, and it assists students to improve other language skills.

Our teaching methods include many conductive approaches such as discussions and dialogues inside the classrooms with using modern technologies. The theoretical tasks are always followed by individual and group practical tasks by which students can implement their language skills. In addition, some audio and video clips are used in the classroom to enhance the listening and speaking skills and to create an interesting studying atmosphere. Students are asked to write on different topics related to what they study to improve their writing skills, and sometimes they have dictation tests. Through all these activities students improve their reading skills.

Assessment is based on various criteria to measure the students’ language skills as shown in the table.



Homework & Assignments




Writing Project




Oral Final Test

Presentation + Role Playing or debate









Arabic Language Levels:

  • Lower Beginners
  • Upper Beginners
  • Lower Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Lower Advanced
  • Upper Advanced

Each level consists of 160-hours offered over an eight-week period. Each course contains a certain number of standard Arabic lessons, in addition to Omani dialect and cultural workshops.