Cultural Programs

Cultural Program

Realizing that a language is indivisible part from its culture beside the study program, the Institute offers a comprehensive Cultural

Program in order to make the best out of living in a genuine Arabic environment. The Program includes, but not limited to:

language Partner or Peer Facilitator Program. This program means provide to the opportunity for each Arabic language learner to meet with an Omani student to be his/her language partner or peer facilitator to assist him/her in their Arabic communication, and to exchange opinions and ideas.

Weekly field trips to some interesting, historical and natural destinations in Oman to introduce students to the main components of the Omani cultural through their direct contact with the local environment.

Inviting specialized Omani speakers to give lectures on different Omani-related topics; historical, cultural, economic and social.

Organizing cultural events so that students could meet with other local Omanis to present the uniqueness of their culture.